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Your Go To Guide for the Best Reads of 2016

Your Go To Guide for the Best Reads of 2016


bookreview1-jul16-webThis is your go to guide to the best reads for 2016 so far – whether you plan to spend it lounging by a pool on an exotic island or even here in good old blighty , we’ve got you covered.

Flawed – Cecelia Ahern

A book which examines the idea of perfection, Flawed focuses on Celestine, who lives in a world where nothing less than perfection will be tolerated. Infractions come with a high penalty – offenders are branded as ‘flawed’ and become second class citizens, for life. Celestine knows how to play the game, but a moment of compassion towards one of the flawed has dire consequences. Celestine could now be branded herself. Bestselling author Cecelia Ahern has delivered another cracker. This one’s aimed at a young adult market, but definitely has crossover appeal.

Best British Short Stories 2016 – edited by Nicholas Royle

Now in its sixth year, this annual anthology brings together some of the best fiction from British writers published over the last 12 months. Editor Nicholas Royle has scoured the market, including other anthologies, magazines, newspapers and websites, to find this year’s selection. With a wide range of genres and voices, and a satisfying mix of authors, Best British Short Stories may well introduce you to a new favourite writer.

The Hanging Club – Tony Parsons

There’s a band of vigilantes on the loose in London. With victims including a paedophile and a hate preacher, the killers are seen by many as heroes – delivering justice where the law has failed. But it’s DC Max Wolfe’s job to stop them. This is the third of Parsons’ books to feature DC Max Wolfe, and could well be his best yet. Ideal for fans of Lee Child and Patricia Cornwall, along with anyone else who loves a good crime novel, The Hanging Club will leave you questioning your own moral code. Gripping.

My Name is Leon – Kit de Waal

When nine year old Leon gets taken away from his mum, he thinks that’s as bad as it can get. But Leon’s little brother, Jake, is young enough to be adopted. Battling with grief for the loss of his brother, Leon finds an unlikely group of friends at his local allotments. However, this is the early eighties, racial tension is high and Leon is determined to find Jake, whatever the cost. This is one of those ‘just one more chapter’ books you’ll keep reading until the sun has gone down and the tears have left tracks down your cheeks.

The Museum of You – Carys Bray

Single dad Darren Quinn’s priority is his daughter’s happiness. But what twelve year old Clover wants most is the one thing that causes Darren the most pain – the story of her mother. So Clover has decided that this summer she’ll find her own answers. Rich in description and dialogue, with endearing, believable characters, this is a very enjoyable book to while away those summer evenings.

The Sudden Appearance of Hope – Claire North

No one remembers Hope Ardern. Not her best friends, her parents, or the people she’s running from. Within a few seconds of encountering her, their memory is wiped clean. It’s as if she doesn’t exist. But they leave their impression on her. Now she’s on a personal mission to destroy a new computer program that’s turning people into ‘perfect’ versions of themselves, wiping their personalities in the process. A great book, which raises some serious questions about how far people will go in their quest for perfection.


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