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Toilet Training Your Puppy

Toilet Training Your Puppy


toilet training your puppies - knaresborough nowYou’ve chosen your puppy, and now it’s time to bring them home for the first time. It’s an exciting prospect but you’ll need plenty of patience, especially when it comes to toilet training.

Here are a few ideas to help you train your pup, and minimise any damage to your home.

Choose a specific outdoor toilet area

Your dog will soon get used to the idea of going to the toilet outside, but having a specific spot will help to speed up the process. You’ll need to take them to this area every time they need the toilet, without fail, and give them a treat as soon as they’ve been.

How do you know when they need to go?

After a while you’ll be able to spot the signs, but until then it’s a good idea to take them outside first thing in the morning, and when they’ve eaten or had a drink of water, but generally at regular hourly intervals throughout the day at first.

When accidents happen

Accidents are inevitable at this stage, but it’s important not to tell off your puppy. Just take them to the designated toilet area as soon as possible to keep the message consistent.

Rewarding your dog when they do the right thing is far better than reacting negatively when they don’t. You wouldn’t want them to be frightened of you, and by using positive responses you’ll soon be able to form a strong bond with your new pet.


By Ann Haldon



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