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Miss Sporting Life?

Miss Sporting Life?


Thanks to technology, many of us lead increasingly inactive lives. We shop online, we always take the escalator and we covet an electrically assisted bike. And even though watching the Olympics on television every four years doesn’t count as exercise, it can give us a wealth of inspiration.

Beginner’s level

Curling – up on the sofa. If you show aptitude you might also enjoy Bowling – featuring crisps, tortilla chips, chocolates or other snacks.

Cry-athlon – watch DVDs of Love Story, Moulin Rouge or ET and see who cracks first.

Cycling – through the TV guide to look for something decent to watch. You can also work up a sweat with Wrestling – for the remote control.

Intermediate level

Figures-hating – when it’s time to balance your budget or complete a tax return.

Basketball – remove clothes from the dryer, scrunch them into a ball, and hurl them into a basket. Place it up high to slam-dunk your socks.

Boxing – try to park your car between the lines, or box in someone else who made up their own space.

Skeleton – staff when you visit a DIY store on a Sunday afternoon. Pick another day if you want to avoid heavy waits.

Advanced level

Synchronised strimming – you and a neighbour, edging against the clock, when everyone else wants some peace and quiet in the garden.

Sale-ing – get stuck into the high-street scrum and then carry back the bags (from the car), before moving on to figures-hating.

Archery and Fencing – outdoor pursuits that may require core strength, coordination and creosote.

By Derek Thompson




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