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Tackling Troublesome Weeds

By Pippa Greenwood Why is it that weeds always seem to grow faster and more vigorously than pretty well anything you actually choose to plant in your garden? It’s certainly the case in my garden! In no time at all they come into growth, produce sizeable leaves and stems and quite often seem to be […]

Gadgets For The Indoor Gardener

You don’t need to get dirty to grow great things   Spring has spring and it’s gardening season. But not everybody has a garden or access to decent growing space – and even if you do have the space, the recent stormy weather has been enough to keep all but the most determined gardener indoors. […]

Go On, Grow Your Own!

By Pippa Greenwood Enjoying a delicious meal which includes some home grown ingredients is a wonderful feeling – it fills you full of just the right sort of pride (and maybe even a little bit of smugness!). That meal might be a dinner party, a family supper or even a quick sandwich grabbed whilst you […]