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Stand Up To Racism

Stand Up To Racism


There is growing public concern regarding racism rallies, marches and protests, especially in the light of the George Floyd incident.

Unfortunately, where large groups of people gather you will always get one or two agitators.  That is all it takes to start an incident where normally sane and calm people get carried away as has already happened in many cities. With people carrying out unspeakable acts of violence and vandalism that they otherwise wouldn’t dream of doing. Ruining many innocent lives and businesses in the process.

Treat the Cause – Not the Symptoms

I can understand why people would focus on specific single issues but please bear in mind that this is just a symptom of a much bigger issue. As with an illness or a disease, if you always treat the symptoms then you will be in a constant firefight and it will never be cured.  SO TREAT THE CAUSE. This is no different. Tackle racism wherever you see it – no matter what form you see it in. Don’t get caught up in minutiae of single incidents and point out all forms of racism to put a stop to it.

What is Racism ?

Also be very aware of what is or isn’t racism. Things have been so blown out of proportion recently that even some TV programs have been pulled from airing.  Take for example ‘Come Fly With Me’ – in a show where all the different characters are played by 2 men, they have no choice if they need a female character or a nonwhite character but to do it themselves – as such Matt Lucas and David Walliams have now be hailed as racist.  The non-white/non-male characters they portray are not poking fun at an ethnic group or minority.  Racism is where you are deliberately being derogatory
specifically because of someones colour/creed/race/religion/heritage etc… If people continue to take this too far it will end up that no-one on TV will be allowed to portray any character from any area with any accent that is not there own for fear of persecution.

Now we also have people like the former MP Fiona Onasanya claiming that the breakfast cereal manufacturer, Kelloggs, are racist because rice crispies are white and have 3 little white elves/pixies on the box and cocoa pops use a monkey!!!  Really ???  Surely this is because the characters appeal the children ???

This is complete and utter madness people – get a bloody grip !!!

My Personal Experience of Racism

I lived in London for over 13 years on the edge of Dalston (Hackney), there wasn’t a week went by that I didn’t hear someone claim “is it because I’m black?”. It could have been said just because you disagreed with a price over something in the market or simply because you had a complaint to make in a shop when taking an item back. My reply was always “are you saying that because I’m wearing a red top” or “are you saying that because I have brown eyes” – which confused the hell out of them but to me, my answers were equally as ridiculous as their statement asking if I was being racist
just because we disagreed over something.

I normally would never cover anything political or controversial, however, this is something I feel very strongly about. Being from Romany Gypsy stock myself didn’t stop people spitting on me as a child for my heritage of which I am very proud or the derogatory names that have been used to define me because of my heritage. I also witnessed the Moss Side riots in Manchester first hand as I grew up and the damage it causes to families, friends and neighbours.  Racism is nasty, evil and deliberately targeted to hurt others and shouldn’t be accepted wherever you see it – that includes using racism as an excuse!  If you have to put a persons colour/race/belief into the descriptive to make your statement then isn’t that in itself just another form of racism ?

Historical Slavery

I’ve heard lots of supposed ‘reasons’ for people joining these protests and riots to explain their violence and vandalism, for vilifying Winston Churchill and Queen Victoria in the process.  The main one repeated time after time is about how ‘people were used as slaves’.  But, at the end of the day, these are just pathetic excuses.  You don’t see the British protesting and rioting through the streets of Italy, Turkey or Egypt for all their enslaving of British subjects throughout history ?  Based on these ‘reasons’ the world would turn into chaos as there isn’t a country/race/creed that hasn’t enslaved, or at least tried to enslave, a rival at some point throughout history.  History means that it is in the past.  People have a right to be angry over historical happenings but we have learnt from the past and grow as a result.  We have grown as the human race – if we hadn’t we’d still all be living in caves and hunting with clubs!

Treat It For What It Is

Racism is used purely to hurt and cause damage for being a different colour, race or belief. There are no groups, no causes or excuses to champion or protest, no colours to protect and no flags to wave.

Treat it for what it is – racism is just another form of hate crime.

Report it and help stamp it out at https://www.report-it.org.uk/


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