Don’t Try To Hide From Poor Hearing

Kate McLelland When did you last mishear someone’s name, fail to follow the plot of a TV drama or ask someone to repeat something they said, two or three times? According to the website NHS Choices, there are approximately four million people in the UK with hearing loss who could benefit from wearing hearing aids […]


Lazy Days

Whether you’re stretching out on a sun lounger, or just grabbing an hour’s peace and quiet in your garden, a good book is an essential in our opinion. Standard Deviation – Katherine Heiny Graham’s second wife, Audra, is warm, sociable and always ready to throw herself headlong into any situation. The total opposite of his […]


Why You’ll Be Bowled Over By This Popular Game

by Kate McLelland A team of uniformed players lined up to bowl on a perfectly manicured green is one of the most evocative sights of the summer. Lawn Bowls is a gently-paced team game that – like cricket matches on the village green – seems to reflect a British way of life that has barely […]



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