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Have Your Say – Knaresborough Retail Inquiry

Have Your Say – Knaresborough Retail Inquiry


Jones-and-Councillors-webHave your say in the largest public inquiry on retail in Knaresborough which has been launched by local MP Andrew Jones and councillors in a bid to place Knaresborough as one of the top market town destinations in the north.  Copies of the Retail Inquiry are currently being distributed by volunteers to every home in Knaresborough.  The Retail Inquiry can also be completed online at www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/3PQT7WK.

The survey is designed to find out shoppers’ attitudes towards Knaresborough’s high street shopping and the market.  It also ask residents what they think is good about Knaresborough retail and what could be improved looking at car parking, the range of shops and publicity of Knaresborough among many other aspects.

Mr Jones has teamed up with local councillors Phil Ireland, John Batt, Ed Darling and resident Samantha Mearns who are co-chairing the Retail Inquiry with him.

Andrew commented: “The market has been part of Knaresborough since 1310.  That’s why I want to back Harrogate Council’s efforts to re-boot Knaresborough’s market but also to look at the wider context of shopping and services in Knaresborough.  The health of the High Street and the health of the market are closely linked; improving one will improve the other.

“But to ensure we do this in a way which is based on evidence we need to get a comprehensive picture of what brings – and what doesn’t bring – shoppers to Knaresborough now and what improvements can be made to encourage more people to shop in town and visit the market.  That is why this Retail Inquiry is important and why local councillors and I are encouraging as many people as possible to take part.”

The results of the Inquiry will be made public and everyone who contributes to the Inquiry will receive a personal copy of the results.  There is no deadline for participating but it is hoped that full results can be published at the end of February.

PICTURE ATTACHED:  Andrew Jones MP in Knaresborough Market Square with (L-R), Councillor John Batt, resident Samantha Mearns, Councillor Phil Ireland and Councillor Ed Darling.


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