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Strange Cat Behaviour Explained

Strange Cat Behaviour Explained


Cats are amusing and fun to be around but sometimes cat behaviour just seems downright bizarre. If you’ve ever wondered why your cat behaves in a certain way, from kneading its paws to eating plastic bags, we might be able to offer a little insight.

Head butts

When your cat bumps its head against you, it means they’re trying to bond and is an expression of affection. They’re also demonstrating trust in you and marking you out as a ‘member of their club’.


Staring is a common trait in cats, if a little unnerving when you’re on the receiving end. They generally stare at their prey before pouncing. But in your case it could be a determined request for food or entertainment. You should also rule out any potential medical reasons if their pupils are constantly dilated – it could be the result of an eye or other health issue.

Eating Plastic

Eating non-food items such as plastic, paper, wool or even electrical cords may be a sign of ‘pica’. This is an eating disorder that can be caused by dietary deficiency, stress, boredom.  In some cases it may also be an underlying health problem.


When your cat sits on your knee and starts to knead, it’s a sign of contentment and is usually accompanied by a loud purring. They also have scent glands on the bottom of their paw pads and may be kneading to leave their scent behind – effectively claiming you as their own.

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