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Frequently Asked Questions?

Want to know something about Knaresborough Now?

How often does Knaresborough Now come out?

Every month – in the first week of each month (or often in the last 2 days of the previous month)

How many copies of Knaresborough Now are published?

Over 6,000 copies every month. Over 5,500 of these are distributed to homes and businesses – the remainder are available around Knaresborough.

Why don’t I get a copy delivered every month?

Each issue covers 2 months so that we can alternate between two delivery areas (delivering to approximately 12,000 homes and businesses every 2 months). This means that you should get a copy through your door every other month.

What if I wish to pick up a copy of Knaresborough Now in the months that I don’t get a copy delivered?

You can pick up a copy from one of our many outlets around town. We have recently increased our publication numbers to meet this demand. Copies are available from The Post Office, Knaresborough House, The Library, Tourist Information, McQueen’s Coffee Shop, Marigolds, Caffe Nero, Dawn til Dusk, Lavender Tearooms, Subway, Wild Orchid, Knaresborough Swimming Pool, doctors surgeries and other places around our town.

Alternatively, you can now see the current issue on our website Knaresborough Now! – previous issues are due to be added soon!

Where is Knaresborough Now delivered to?

Our alternating delivery schedule helps to extend our publication network without raising our advertising prices. Our two different delivery areas are as follows:

Area 1 receives a magazine in Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep and Nov.
These months we will deliver to ’HG5 0’ area of Knaresborough and also Arkendale, Cattal, Copgrove, Cowthorpe, Coneythorpe, Farnham, Ferrensby, Flaxby, Forest Lane Head, Green Hammerton, Hunsingore, Little Ribston, Minskip, North Deighton, parts of Starbeck, Walshford and Whixley.

Area 2 receives a magazine in Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct and Dec.
These months we will deliver to ‘HG5 8 & 9’ areas of Knaresborough and also to Bishop Monkton, Brearton, Burton Leonard, Calcutt / Thistle Hill, Goldsborough, Lingerfield, Nidd, Ripley, Scotton, Staveley, and Wormald Green.

Who owns and publishes Knaresborough Now?

Knaresborough Now is independently owned by Rachel Porter, who lives and works in Knaresborough and loves everything that our town and community has to offer. Knaresborough Now is a part time venture that takes up much more than part time hours! We believe passionately in the ‘Keep it Local’ campaign and want to help our town flourish in every way.

Who prints the Knaresborough Now magazine?

Knaresborough Now is printed locally by The Inter Group (TIG) at Lingerfield, Knaresborough and is distributed by a team of local people.

How long will Knaresborough Now be around for?

We hope for many years to come! This really depends upon local people reading and using the magazine and local advertisers supporting us. In fact, we hope that readers will make Knaresborough Now their first port of call for finding local businesses and services and let advertisers know that they found them in Knaresborough Now.

How else can readers support Knaresborough Now?

  • Read, enjoy and use the magazine.
  • Let us know about community projects, local stories, photos, What’s On entries, charity news and events – anything really!
  • Give us feedback on the magazine – what you like or don’t like about it and what you would like to see in future issues.
  • Let us know about advertisers that provide excellent services – they could be put forward as ‘Business of the Month’ or receive a recommended status.
  • Recommend us to local businesses and services as a great place to advertise.

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