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The Beatles: Fab Foresight?


Looking at the Beatles’ songs with Fab Foresight in view of modern lifestyle.

Few people can deny that The Beatles changed the face of music forever. Some say they even predicted the future with lyrics such as ‘newspaper taxis’ or songs like ‘I’m Looking Through You’ (MRI scanner) and ‘I’ve Just Seen a Face’ (Tinder). But in some cases technology has outpaced the soothsaying songs of the Fab Four, although they still sound great.

You Never Give Me Your Money – That’s because I use contactless payments.

Paperback Writer – I think you mean ebook author.

Ticket To Ride – I prefer my Oyster card.

Drive My Car – No need, it’s an autonomous vehicle.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps – I rely on an auto-tuner.

The Long And Winding Road, and Magical Mystery Tour – Google directions will get us there.

When I’m Sixty-Four – You’ll still be working a few years for your pension.

PS I Love You – Text it to me instead.

You Like Me Too Much – You have two options: ghosting or a restraining order.

With A Little Help From My Friends – Please like and share this post if you’re the sort of person who…

Tomorrow Never Knows – But AI algorithms have a pretty good idea.

Here, There And Everywhere – Sat-Nav always knows exactly where you are (and so does the company who provided it).

Please Mr. Postman – Please budget courier, don’t just leave it on my doorstep like last time.

by Derek Thompson
www.alongthewritelines.blogspot.co.uk @DerekWriteLines


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