Stand Up To Racism

There is growing public concern regarding racism rallies, marches and protests, especially in the light of the George Floyd incident. Unfortunately, where large groups of people gather you will always get one or two agitators.  That is all it takes to start an incident where normally sane and calm people get carried away as has already happened in many cities. With […]

The History Of Children’s Toys

The history of children’s toys ranges from a simple cup and ball to a Slinky.  Toys don’t necessarily have to be complicated to provide hours of enjoyment. Since the dawn of time, children have played with toys both to amuse themselves and to learn about the world around them. The Origins of the Doll Some […]

Tikal Guatemala

In the north-east corner of Guatemala, situated between Belize and Mexico, lies Tikal Guatemala. An awesome site, the once powerful city of Maya rulers is currently blanketed in virgin forest. Discovered in the mid-19th century, it lies within the Tikal National Park, listed by UNESCO for both its natural and cultural wonders. The site greets […]

Concorde: Making History 50 Years Ago

On 2nd March 1969, an awestruck crowd watched as Concorde took to the skies above Toulouse on its maiden flight, drowning out their applause with its four Olympus 593 engines. Built to fly in excess of 1,300mph, on that first flight the Anglo-French built Concorde was in the air for just 27 minutes and didn’t […]

The History Of Plastic

It has been around for a relatively short space of time but in less than 200 years it has become our indispensable disposable. Now, with the realisation that it is having a hugely detrimental impact on our environment, are its days numbered? This month we look at the history of plastic. Put simply, plastics are […]