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Walshford House
North Yorkshire
LS22 5HT
Friendly, North Yorkshire based anti-wrinkle and dermal filler consultant with over 25 years medical training and specialist infection control experience.
We understand how it feels to have your first consultation and are determined to create a welcoming, understanding and un-intimidating experience for even the most private client.

Look like you Ltd was founded in 2015, aims to help people feel confident and self-assured with their appearance without invasive surgery.

Sharen offers flexible options for where you choose to have your treatment. This could even be your home if you want to feel totally relaxed and comfortable. She works with you to define what it means to you to look good. She helps create a true, radiant version of yourself.

For more information on treatments and how to contact Sharon, visit Look Like You Ltd. 

07809 730 379
LS22 5HT
Hill View Manor, Manor Court, Knaresborough

The Life Enhancement Sanctuary offer their services in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, massages and Reiki techniques.

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