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Books – It’s a Mystery !

Books – It’s a Mystery !


Few things beat curling up with a good mystery. Whether you prefer a classic whodunit, a gritty crime novel, or a supernatural thriller, there’s sure to be something to tempt you in our pick of the latest releases.

it's a mystery - books for holidays - knaresborough nowIn the Dark, In the Woods – Eliza Wass

While aimed at the young adult audience, In the Dark, In the Woods definitely crosses the age barrier. Castley Cresswell lives with her siblings, broken mother and domineering father, in a rundown house in the woods. Her father tells her that they are the chosen ones, and that he is God’s conduit. As with all teenagers, Castley struggles with being ‘different’ from her school peers, and starts to question her parents’ ideology. Will she find the strength to break free from her father? Will he let her?

Quiet Neighbors – Catriona McPherson

Needing a place to run, Jude flees to a Scottish town, and the quiet solace of the tumble-down bookstore. Staying in a gravedigger’s cottage, she begins to unravel some of the town’s closely-guarded secrets. This is a novel of quiet mysteries to puzzle over, rather than a gruesome whodunit. Nevertheless, the characters will keep you turning the pages until night has fallen and your tea has long gone cold.

Switcheroo – Aaron Elkins

Switched identities, unsolved murders and a gorgeous setting to boot, Switcheroo has them all. This is Elkins’ 18th book featuring the forensic anthropologist Gideon Oliver, and fans say it’s one of the best to date. Investigating a cold case in Jersey dating from the 1960s, Gideon discovers a web of deceit, dating to before the war, when two boys were swapped by their fathers. Not quite as gripping as some in the genre, Switcheroo is nevertheless a very enjoyable read.

What She Never Told Me – Kate McQuaile

Back in Ireland due to her mother’s death, Louise is hoping to finally find out who her father is. Does a stranger hold the answers? Who is the little girl in her memories and why do they leave her feeling so unsettled? A psychological thriller with twists and turns aplenty, this could well end up on this year’s bestseller list. Prepare to put everything aside for a few hours, as you won’t want to put it down. A must for fans of Before I go to Sleep, Girl on a Train and Little Face.

The Deadlock Trilogy Box Set – P.T. Hylton

If you like your mysteries to have a supernatural edge to them, and more than a touch of horror, The Deadlock Trilogy needs to be on your wish list. Convict Frank returns to his childhood home – a backwater town in Tennessee – to find that things have taken a turn for the bizarre. Brilliantly original, well-plotted and skilfully narrated, this trilogy is a real find. Perfect for fans of early Stephen King.

The Hollow Men – Rob McCarthy

Police surgeon Dr Harry Kent is known as a man with a weakness for lost causes. So when a teenager takes a group of people hostage, then later seems to be in clear danger himself, Harry can’t help but get involved. As he works to find out what drove the boy to such desperate measures, Harry starts to uncover a trail of deception and cruelty. Gritty, tense and fast paced, this is the first in a new series starring Dr Harry Kent, and fans are already clamouring for more.



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