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Knaresborough Now - A local community magazine which started in September 2010. I came on board in February 2011 as a co-owner for 3.5 years and then purchased the other half in late 2014. We produce our magazine on a monthly basis in both a printed and online format, celebrating local community, events and businesses. We are THE MOST COMPETITIVE advertising medium in the Knaresborough area and do our level best to support all local businesses with their advertising needs whilst also providing a valuable and readable magazine to our readers for free. We also host an interactive website with an online magazine, business directory and events calender to name but a few of its offerings.

Stand Up To Racism

There is growing public concern regarding racism rallies, marches and protests, especially in the light of the George Floyd incident. Unfortunately, where large groups of people gather you will always get one or two agitators.  That is all it takes to start an incident where normally sane and calm people get carried away as has already happened in many cities. With […]

Local Businesses Pledge Support to Disability Charity Henshaws

To celebrate 21 years of Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre, businesses are donating £2,100 to support the Centre’s future plans. Several Harrogate and Knaresborough based businesses have come forward to support a once in a generation opportunity to re-establish the Henshaws Arts & Crafts Centre at the forefront of disability support. For 21 years the […]

Aye Up … It’s Yorkshire Day !

Yorkshire Day lands on 1st August, and yet it seems that Yorkshire lads and lasses celebrate the beauty of the county’s scenic offerings all year round. Living in Yorkshire has always been something to be proud of – from the lush, verdant countryside to the genuine warmth of the folk. There’s no wonder why people are so deeply passionate about this stunning […]

Have Manners Gone For Good?

Have you recently felt ignored, snubbed or belittled by someone’s behaviour? Has a stranger closed a door in your face, or a friend been too busy browsing their phone to talk to you?  Sometimes it really does seem like everyone’s manners have gone ! If you have bemoaned the lack of manners in today’s society, […]

The Great Knaresborough Bed Race 2019

Nerves jangling, excitement brewing, hysteria spreading. There’s only one event that can bring about this accumulation of emotion; The Great Knaresborough Bed Race! On the 8th June 2019 Knaresborough welcomed back the annual Bed Race in which 90 enthusiastic (and a little bit crazy!) teams readied themselves for 15-30 minutes of blood, sweat and tears. Each […]

The Great Knaresborough Bed Race 2019 – Photo Gallery

Did you watch The Great Knaresborough Bed Race this year ?   Were you in the parade or even a runner or rider ?  We were incredibly impressed at the turnout especially with the pouring rain!  Several Knaresborough Now peeps were floating around the castle grounds, the market, waterside and Conyngham Hall taking photographs for you […]

TV Licensing Phishing Scam

An ongoing TV Licensing phishing campaign that begun in September 2018 has been identified by the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau. There have been over 250 crime reports made in relation to the campaign with cumulative losses in excess of £2 million. Individuals receive a TV Licensing phishing email with links to a convincing-looking website. The […]

Life in Miniature

Daphne & Clifford Taylor are very giving members of our local community and have an interesting story to tell. In her short ‘going out to work’ life (1957-64), Daphne was a comptometer operator at Yorkshire Farmers, York and then a National cash machine operator in the sales office, Rowntree’s in York where she met her […]

Review of Local Plan Must Be Independent, Fair and Transparent

After Harrogate Borough Council was instructed to review its choice of location for a major new settlement, the developer behind plans for Flaxby Park is calling on the council to make its reassessment independent, fair and transparent. Under Harrogate Council’s draft Local Plan, thousands of homes could be built around Green Hammerton and the A59 […]