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Knaresborough Now - A local community magazine which started in September 2010. I came on board in February 2011 as a co-owner for 3.5 years and then purchased the other half in late 2014. We produce our magazine on a monthly basis in both a printed and online format, celebrating local community, events and businesses. We are THE MOST COMPETITIVE advertising medium in the Knaresborough area and do our level best to support all local businesses with their advertising needs whilst also providing a valuable and readable magazine to our readers for free. We also host an interactive website with an online magazine, business directory and events calender to name but a few of its offerings.

Launching Wetherby Now

Knaresborough Now has recently been placing magazines around the Wetherby area for collection as we have been receiving more and more requests from both Wetherby readers and businesses alike.  As such, we are looking to launch Wetherby Now – your very own community magazine within Knaresborough Now. In the next few months, we plan to launch […]

Knaresborough Prepares for Blind Jack’s Tri-Centenary

Knaresborough is preparing to honour the Tri-Centenary of the town’s famous son who overcame disability to become one of the North’s most influential road builders. Blind Jack, whose real name was John Metcalf, lost his sight at the age of 6 from smallpox but went on to develop some of the region’s most important transport […]

Flooded Road Safety

As autumn progresses the driving conditions deteriorate. North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service met with road safety colleagues outside Hawes to warn drivers of the hidden dangers of driving through flood water. A photograph was taken where a vehicle had been stranded during the floods in the area to demonstrate how significantly roads can be […]

Short Story- The Remorse of the Aristocracy

“I can’t allow you to eat that in here,” Violet said curtly to the lady who had just stepped through the door, “because of the sculpture.” Apart from the shrieks of children down by the lake, and the whistling of Ted the porter in the courtyard, her afternoon volunteering in the Coach House Gallery had […]

Heritage in Palermo

Lapped by the blue Tyrrhenian Sea, framed by mountains rising over 1,000 metres, Palermo is the bustling capital of the autonomous region of Sicily. Attracted by the natural harbour and strategic location, myriad civilisations landed on these shores and on its solitary headland, the iconic Mount Pellegrino has seen them all: Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, […]

Storage Solutions for Every Room

 Well-designed storage makes an enormous difference to our homes, so interiors expert Katherine Sorrell takes us through some room-by-room ideas. Our homes are full of stuff, and each room requires specific solutions. You could do this yourself, plotting on graph paper where doors, windows, radiators and other furnishings will go, making use of ‘dead’ spaces […]

Keep Calm and Get Colouring

Close your eyes and think back to the simple pleasures of childhood: a rainbow box of crayons on the table , beside it, a book of illustrations just waiting to be coloured in. Remember the intense concentration as you filled in the blank spaces with your favourite shades of yellow, red, purple, green and blue? […]

Deliciously Luxurious Chocolate Mousse Brownies

Take the classic rich and squidgy chocolate brownie recipe a step further with a creamy milk chocolate mousse topping for the ultimate chocolate lover’s dessert! Ingredients: BROWNIE BASE 150g dark chocolate, broken into pieces 225g unsalted butter, diced 350g light muscovado sugar 4 medium eggs, beaten 1 tsp vanilla extract 225g plain flour MOUSSE TOPPING […]

Your Go To Guide for the Best Reads of 2016

This is your go to guide to the best reads for 2016 so far – whether you plan to spend it lounging by a pool on an exotic island or even here in good old blighty , we’ve got you covered. Flawed – Cecelia Ahern A book which examines the idea of perfection, Flawed focuses on Celestine, […]